SAvsIND 2nd test Day 3 best betting odds

SAvsIND 2nd test day 3 is all set post the exciting turn of events in yesterday's match. This article discusses in brief about day 2 innings and tries to pre-analyze the upcoming match. Read ahead!

After taking all the wickets down of the Indian team on day 1, South Africa has started their 1st innings on Day 1. They scored a total of 35 runs with a loss of 1 wicket in 18 overs South Africa will continue its innings on day 2 of this thrill-packed 2nd test series at Johannesburg.

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SAvsIND 2nd test Day 3: Tips & Odds

After the loss at Centurion in the 1st test match. Definitely, South Africa has changed its approach in the game. Results were amazing as they have brought down all the wickets of team India on day 1 of the 2nd test series

With the start of South Africa’s 1st innings on Day 1 itself, they now began the continuation of the same on Day 2 at Johannesburg. South Africa clearly dominated the Indian team’s score, they have scored a total of 229 runs in 79.4 overs with a loss of all the wickets. The team was in a leading position at that time.

Bowlers on the Indian side were not less than aggressive, they have made it tough for the African’s to score that high. Mohammed Shami and Shardul Thakur were the best bowlers throughout the innings.

Crucial wickets of South Africa were brought down as and when required to break the momentum, Shami has a total of 2 wickets on hand and Shardul has a surprising 7 wickets in his account.

SAvsIND 2nd test Day 3 Odds

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SAvsIND 2nd test Day 3 pregame analysis

South Africa – South Africa got to continue its 1st innings from the day 2 start, they have scored a total of 229 runs in 79.4 overs. They definitely crossed the score of India on day 2.

The best batters who made this possible silently were the skipper himself with 28 runs, Keegan Peterson with a huge 62 runs, Temba Buvama with 51 runs, Kyle Verreynne and macro Jansen with 21 each in their bucket, and also Keshav Maharaj with 21 runs.

All the top-order and middle-order batsmen showed their true sportsmanship today and collectively scored a good run by the end of the day. However, all the wickets came down and their innings came to an end too soon on this day 2 at Johannesburg.

India – Team India’s Bowlers have definitely impressed its fans by some great curvy deliveries to the wickets. The match is really getting very fast-paced with both teams getting on each other’s necks.

The match is really going as a tit-for-tat, after all the wickets of Africa were brought down, India again padded up for its 2nd innings on day 2 itself. They scored a total of 85 runs with the loss of KL Rahul and Mayank too soon.

The innings will be continued on the 3rd day of the 2nd test series.

Our Verdict – India pays back in 2nd test day 3

India again started its 2nd innings and has its intentions clear to make a score high enough that the African’s can achieve. India will definitely answer back tough in this 2nd test day 3 match.


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