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How to Play Gin Rummy Online?

Rummy is traditionally played with each player getting 13 cards, and they have to arrange the cards in sequences or sets by discarding unwanted cards and drawing fresh cards from the deck. It has quite a few variations as well with gin rummy being one of the more popular ones. How to play gin rummy online? With many online platforms like RummyCircle offering real money rummy games, other variations of the game are gaining popularity too.

How to play gin rummy online?

Gin rummy is a popular variation of rummy, usually played with two players and a standard single deck of cards. The dealer deals 10 cards, one at a time, to himself and his opponent. Once the cards are dealt, the remaining cards are placed face down, with the top card flipped open.

How to play gin rummy online?

The basic objective of the game is similar to a normal game of Rummy, where the players try to arrange their cards in sequences or sets. The game begins by the non-dealing player drawing a card, either from the face-down deck, or the one flipped open. He then discards an unwanted card from his hand, and places it face up. Now, the dealer takes the turn, by drawing a card, and discarding a card from his hand, and so on.

The players try to form sets and sequences, and discard any unwanted cards or `deadwood´ from their hands. If a player feels that they have sufficiently low `deadwood´, they can declare or `knock´ the game by placing the last discarded card face down, and then laying out their hand to reveal their sets and sequences. If the knocking player has no deadwood,  it is known as a `Gin´.

The opponent too has to reveal their cards. They can `lay off´ their `deadwood´ cards if they can be introduced in the `knocking´ player’s sequence or sets. The remaining deadwood cards are counted for points, depending on their face values for aces through 10, and 10 points for each face card. The knocking player receives the points counted by their opponent’s deadwood, and the first player to reach a previously agreed number, wins.


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