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Is Fun88 a Trustworthy Betting Site?

Since the inception of gambling and betting, players are used to dealing with bookies or dealers, within a brick and mortar setup, where they exchange cash to settle the bets or collect their winnings. But now, with the introduction of online gaming, there has been a sea change in how we bet and gamble. Is Fun88 a trustworthy betting site?

We now deal with faceless websites, play games that are conducted using complex computer software, and exchange money electronically with the click of a button. While the whole operation is very convenient and easy, as the online gaming sites are available 24×7, traditional gamblers and punters often feel skeptical about the safety and trustworthiness of such sites, even if they are some of the top betting sites in the world like Fun88.

In this article, let’s find out how safe it is to play on Fun88.

Is Fun88 a trustworthy betting site?

Absolutely! Fun88 is a pretty safe site to deal with, and there are a number of reasons for that.


Fun88 holds an international gaming license for its betting and gambling operations from the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. It also holds local gaming licenses in countries like Great Britain, where it is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

These regulatory bodies periodically subject their licensees, which in this case is Fun88, to audits regarding their financial stability, and the ability to sustain their operations. These regulators also ensure that Fun88 operates in a transparent and ethical way, honoring their commitments regarding giving out promotions and bonuses, as well as paying out winnings.

In case the site fails on any of the parameters set by the regulators, they may be subject to heavy fines, and in extreme cases, may even cancel their licenses. Therefore, Fun88 goes to great lengths to ensure that the players are fully satisfied.

Is Fun88 a trustworthy betting site? We think the best option to judge this is through the quality of licenses and Fun88 scores highly there.

Safety of data

Another important concern of users of Fun88 may be regarding the safety of their data. After all, they are submitting their personal details like full name, date of birth, and contact details to an unknown entity. Also, in case they are using bank transfers or bank cards for payments, they will have to give their account details to the site.

The data exchanged with the website is secured by industry-standard 128 bit SSL encryption to minimize the risk of data theft during transit. All the user data is stored at secure servers, which are accessible only to a handful of individuals who are bound by secrecy contracts.

The Fun88 website is affiliated with IOVATION, which is one of the top providers of network security globally.

Fairness of games

There are rumors floating around that games on such online casinos are rigged. This is far from the truth. Games on Fun88 are run on state-of-the-art software known as Random Number Generator or RNG. The software ensures that all the cards are dealt in a completely random manner, and the combinations on slots too are random, with no bias, either towards either the players or the operator.

Is Fun88 a trustworthy betting site? Knowing that you have a fair chance of winning is a huge factor in the trust factor and once against, Fun88 delivers!


Over the years, Fun88 has partnered and sponsored a number of sports teams and tournaments. It was the shirt sponsor of Burnley F. C. and Tottenham Hotspurs. It is currently the principal shirt sponsor of Newcastle United F. C. and is associated with tournaments like the MMA and Caribbean Premier League.

Such high-profile teams and events would like their names associated only with clean operators, and hence conduct due diligence before accepting sponsors. On this front too, Fun88 scores high as it is associated with so many teams and tournaments.


With the above-mentioned points, it is clear that Fun88 is a trustworthy name in the world of online gaming, and players can try the site without the fear of losing their funds or being tricked in any other way.


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