Why Is My Bet365 Account Restricted?

A common question amongst the users is – Why is my Bet365 account India restricted? Bet365 India is one of the amazing betting sites in India. We are at BetIndia always make sure to bring up this bookie to the bettors as the odds, offers and the platter of the betting events that you find on the bookie are unimaginable.

Not just the PC or mobile browser but also the app of the bookie is easy to use. The bet365 apk app can be downloaded from the official website with a few mobile setting changes on your Android or iOS devices. It has a user-friendly interface with structured categories.

Now coming to the main question, It isn't easy to pinpoint the exact reason why exactly the bookie may choose to restrict an account, and this is because you are not going to get any explanation without checking with customer service.

In this article, we will see the different reasons your account may get restricted on the bet365 account in India and what you can do if this happens to you.

Why is my bet365 account India restricted?

Here are some reasons that may lead to your bet365 account India getting restricted:

  • KYC process being incomplete
  • A responsible gambling algorithm is limiting the amount you can bet
  • There are deposit/gambling limits on your account, so you cannot bet more
  • Account has been dormant for a very long time
  • A complaint from the authorities
  • Suspected illegal activity
  • Misuse of bonuses

How to properly create a bet365 account in India?

We have seen that one of the top reasons for the bet365 account India to get restricted is improper KYC processing. In order to avoid this let us see how you can properly create an account on the bookie's site.

The bet365 login is very simple and easy and guides the joiners properly without much complication. follow the instructions below to create an active account,

  • Visit the official site on your browser, www.bet365.com.
  • Click on the join button on the top right corner of the site.
  • It leads to a registration form.
  • Here fill in your details like Name, date of birth, email address, phone number, user name, password, 4 digit pin.
  • After entering all the details above select I agree with box and click on the join button at the end of the form to complete the registration process.

Do this immediately and win the bet365 welcome bonus through a bare minimum deposit. The new joiners can win a 100% deposit amount of up to Rs. 4,000 which is highly satisfactory to start betting on the online betting site.

Ekbet India is one of the latest and trending betting sites in India, it is easy to register with this bookie and to bet with through the browser and app. The bookie offers Hindi and regional language customer support. Click below.

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The deposit can be done through any of the multiple platforms that the bookie supports. However, we suggest you go with UPI payment as it is highly secured and you would be well versed with its functioning.

What to do when my bet365 account India gets restricted?

Let's try and understand what you can do when your account gets restricted.

The most common reason for accounts getting restricted is the bet365 betting algorithm. This algorithm runs automatically and flags any accounts that it feels are betting more money than they can afford. The idea is to put automatic limits so that the users do not fall into a gambling habit.

Sometimes, however, this algorithm can target the wrong user accounts as well. If you believe this has happened to you, you can get in touch with the bet365 Live Chat and try to find out why your account is restricted.

Similarly, for whatever reason your account may have been restricted, the best way out is always to contact the bet365 account India customer support and clarify with them what the exact reason is. Most of the time, it's going to be one of the reasons listed above, and they will help you in getting the restriction removed after asking you a few questions about your account and your playing history and habits.

What happens in case we try something illegal or try and game the system?

Remember, if you are trying to game the system by using betting bonus in an unfair manner or trying to earn money through arbitrage, you will not succeed. Don't even try. The customer service won't be able to help you in such cases. In fact, such practices will lead to a warning and then a ban from the platform. Your bet365 account India will be blocked and canceled.


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