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How to Win Money in Cricket Betting?

Cricket betting is quite popular with people in India but most of this is done illegally on the gray market. Did you know that bet…

How to Trade in Cricket Betting?

Betting involves a lot of luck. Even though you can increase your chances of winning a bet by conducting proper research, there ar…

How Do You Win a Cricket Bet?

As cricket is by far the most popular sport in India, it is no surprise then that cricket matches see the heaviest betting among a…

What is Handicap Betting in Cricket?

Handicap betting is a popular betting market and is available for a multitude of sports on online sports betting platforms. What i…

What is 90 11 in cricket betting?

Cricket is one of the most popular sports to bet on, especially in the Indian subcontinent and the UK. Bookies and punters calcula…

Is Cricket Betting Legal in USA?

Betting is legal in a few states but betting online is not all that straightforward. Every state has its own laws around gambling …

Which is the best app for cricket betting?

Cricket betting is quite popular in India even though offline cricket betting is illegal. We mention 'offline' specifically here b…

What Are Odds in Cricket betting?

You may have heard a lot of fans or even experts on TV speak about the 'favorite' for a match or maybe the 'underdog'. All these a…

How to Read Betting Odds Cricket?

To be on cricket or for any other thing for that matter, you need to be able to read the odds. The odds are a representation of th…

How to Bet on Cricket in India?

Cricket is huge in India and people are extremely passionate about it. To say that cricket is like a religion is a cliche but one …

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