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What Does 1×2 Mean in Football Betting?

Betting on football matches is hugely popular around the world and India is no different. While cricket may be the most popular sp…

What Are Odds in Betting Football?

While betting on football, or on any other sport for that matter, the first thing that you will have to decipher is the odds. In t…

How to Research Football Bets?

Sports betting is a multi-billion dollar business globally. Punters place bets on a variety of different sports. But one sport tha…

How to Read Betting Odds Football?

If you are a football lover and thinking of having a go at football betting, one of the first things that you need to understand i…

How to Read Betting Lines Football?

Football being the most followed sport around the world, it is obviously the sport on which the maximum number of bets are placed.…

How to Hedge a Football Bet?

Football betting is a lot of fun as it can make every single match exciting to watch. There is nothing quite like watching a sport…

How to Bet on Football in India?

Football may not be the most popular sport in India but it has started to develop quite a bit of following, particularly among the…

How to Bet Moneyline in Football?

Betting on football is a huge business. There are millions of people that take part every single year and a lot of them end up mak…

How to Bet on Football Matches and Win?

If you are a football fan, there is a very good chance that you may have thought about betting on a game and profiting off your kn…

Does My Football Bet Include Extra Time Penalties?

Football matches can be very exciting on most occasions and that includes a goalless draw as well. Fans love to see goals and whil…

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