How to Unlock Betwinner Account in India?

Unable to enjoy betting in your betwinner account? is your account blocked? this is the regular issue faced by bettors around the globe and this article is created just to give a solution for this problem and guide you through the process of unlocking a betwinner account.

Online betting is growing very rapidly and it is gaining huge popularity in recent times in India. Gambling sites in India is the new market that has been introduced and people have accepted it too. The services provided by the bookies are amazing and smooth. However, we face a few technical issues which hinder our gaming experience.

An issue like a blocked betwinner account is the focus of our article and keep reading this article to know the solution for this.

How to Unlock Betwinner Account?

We will definitely discuss unlocking the blocked betwinner account. but before that, you need to find out why the account is blocked and there are various reasons for an account getting blocked.

Here are the reasons that can get your account blocked:

If you put a limit on your account

  • Betwinner India allows the users to put a limit on how much betting they can do. This is available for the main reason of implementing a responsible gaming clause.
  • If the limit is exceeded then your account will be blocked, so check for this and contact customer support to know more.

You are in a different region and access the betwinner sports

  • You can use the account in only one country that you have entered while creating the account. if you try to access it from abroad the bookie will block it for security reasons.
  • In that case, you need to get in touch with customer service and get your account unlocked when you are back in your home region.

You have forgotten your username/password

  • Visit the official site of the bookie and clock in forgot password button near the login.
  • The bookie will send you a password reset link to your registered mail id and you can change it from the link.

Create a duplicate betwinner account

  • a customer can only have one account with his credentials. If you try to create another account with the same credentials then both of your accounts can be blocked by the bookie.
  • Get in touch with the bookie customer support and get your account unclocked.

Too many wrong logs in entries/attempts

  • The bookie will block the account if you try to log in to the account with any incorrect credentials several times.
  • Contact customer support for getting a solution for this problem.

Your account verification is not complete

  • Every betwinner account needs to be verified before the customer can start betting, so if this step is skipped or left pending then the bookie blocks the account.
  • Verifications are done online mostly, but some may need physical mail-in proof as well.

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So, these reasons above are the most of the times why the customers face the problem of a blocked betwinner account. Check for which reason exactly your account has been blocked and then try to unlock in the solution given above.

Considerations before contacting the customer support

The important point here is the terms and conditions and whether you have violated at terms or not. If you have not violated any terms and the main problem is just only forgotten username/password, incorrect login details, or pending verification. You are most likely to get your solution from customer support.

But, if you have violated the terms and conditions like accessing the account from abroad and duplicate accounts then customer support might not help you to unlock the account. So, scrutiny well the situation before you contact customer support, get your betwinner account unlocked and have fun gambling.


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