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What is 3 Way Betting in Football?

If you have ever watched a football match and thought to yourself that the outcome was pretty obvious and that you should have bet on the outcome then you are not alone. There are a number of people around the world who think the same and put their money where their mouth is. While football betting is relatively easy to understand, there can be a few terms that are specific to betting and take a bit of getting used to. What is 3 way betting in football? That is a question that we get quite often.

It is actually one of the easiest and simplest bets that you can make in all of football betting.

What is 3 way betting in football?

A 3 way bet is nothing but a bet that has three outcomes. Every single football match can end in three ways. A team can win, draw, or lose a match. The odds that you get for a 3 way bet are higher than what you get for a bet with just two outcomes. This is because you have one chance of winning and two chances of losing.

Most people make 3 way bets without even realizing they are doing so!

Every single bookmaker is going to offer this kind of bet on a football match but delve a bit deeper and you will see that there are so many betting markets waiting to be explored. Betwinner and 1xBet are two of the bookmakers that offer some of the widest range of football bets for every single match.

You can even look at multiple bets such as accumulators, trebles and others to try and get massive returns by staking a small amount of money. The lost is endless.

What is 3 way betting in football? This is one of the simplest and easiest bet to make in all of football!


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