Football Betting Sites

Sports betting has been an insatiable need of bettors across the world including in India. There are several live betting events in different markets in sports that entertain Indian punters.

With cricket being the biggest market, the next best thing that follows it is football betting. Any football match be it a minor one or a major one, starting from Indian Super League to English Premier League, football betting is the most played online betting market by the Indians after cricket.

Football betting is highly preferred due to its definite outcome unlike the chance events like Slots or lucky draws. There are numerous betting events in this sport just like cricket increasing the chances of bettors winning at least once amongst them. The most attractive attribute of football betting is the live streaming and also the live updates along with the tips the bookmakers provide.

How to do Football betting in India?

Now, why the football betting gained a wide range of popularity after cricket betting in India? Is it only because of Indian Super League (ISL)? Let us not waste time by pondering these questions. The answer is pretty simple. Football is the richest sport that is available not just to the players but also to the punters across the world. It is the best sport for beginners because there is a lot of information available to them to use whilst predicting.

1xbet football betting

Any betting requires a lot of aspects to come together to make it a pure win. This is what football betting sites offer. The live streaming keeps you intact with the game.

The odds are highly in favour of the bettors most of the time. The concept of value betting also arises here to keep the bettors profitable. This is where the guiding system of football betting sites enables you to place your bets on the events irrespective of what odds show.

What are the main football betting tournaments?

Apart from these, the most trivial reasons for football betting to be popular are that the markets are widely available to bet on, there are several matches and tournaments that the punters are aware of, and also the teams and players are quite popular. There are a lot of tournaments across the globe that are viewed and enjoyed by Indians. The following is the list to name a few,

  • FIFA World Cup
  • UEFA European Championship
  • Copa America
  • AFC Asian Cup
  • FIFA Club World Cup
  • UEFA Champions League
  • EUFA Europa League
  • FA Cup
  • King’s Cup
  • Italian Cup
  • Indian Super League

Coming to the Indian Super League tournament is an initiative launched keeping in mind the Indian's craze for the football game just like IPL of cricket and KPL of kabaddi. It was launched in the year 2014 with 11 teams.

It has got a European League Format and has got a mixture of Indigenous and Exotic players resulting in grabbing the interest of Indian football lovers and also the sports bettors.

Football betting in India has been affected by this tournament. Well don’t worry, the effect is a positive and a profitable one. It increased the number of betting events, and offers, and thereby became a boon to the bettors.

In this page, we are going to discuss the best betting sites in India, the impact of ISL on football betting in India, and much more. Read along to get to know the best of football betting in India.

Why football is the most followed sport and football betting in India?

Football is the major sports event across the globe that is most followed after cricket. It is a field sport with two teams and eleven players each and one goalkeeper for an individual team.

Though there are many do’s and don’t’s that make the betting events for the punter to bet and test their luck. The sport gained its popularity in the mid-1960s and henceforth has become the life of football fans. There are a lot of reasons why the football game is popular in India and also around the world. First and the foremost reason is the game is highly entertaining.

Be it speed, or the aggressiveness with which the players play, it is a high-level adrenaline rush creating the game. Then comes the reason for players. Different demographic players in the team have got their fan bases irrespective of the countries or races they belong to.

There is a lot of emotion attached to the game that is visible in the players which resonates with fans. There is no particular time or season for the game. The tournaments keep happening round the year which entertains the viewers relentlessly.

There are several other reasons why football is the most popular sport in the world, including historic and majestic stadiums, transfers, managers' fragility, continental and global games, etc.

Coming to football betting in India, all the above reasons can be claimed to be the very same reason for its gaining popularity. The football betting sites enable the punters to experience the hedonic rush through live streaming and updates which guide them in their predictions. Also, several tournaments lead to the generation of hundreds of betting events and fair betting odds.

As mentioned earlier, value betting increases the chance of a bettor winning the stake despite what the odds show. All these factors contribute to football betting becoming the most revenue-generating sports market for the online betting sites in India.

ISL impact on football betting in India

Indian Super League as mentioned earlier had been entertaining the football lovers and bettors in India for almost a decade. The league as mentioned above has got the European Format where there would be 22 rounds. Each team competes against the other twice, on their home ground and on the opponent’s ground respectively. These result in 20 matches on whole.

The ISL generally takes place between late October to March. With the top 6 clubs making it to Play-Offs, the league ends with the top two teams competing against each other for the ISL cup. The tournament has got eleven teams with the Hyderabad franchise being the current champions. On whole, there are 5 winner clubs so far. The list of ISL clubs is as follows,

  1. Goa
  2. Mumbai City
  3. Chennaiyin
  4. Kerala Blasters
  5. Odisha
  6. Bengaluru
  7. North East United
  8. Jamshedpur
  9. ATK Mohun Bagan
  10. Hyderabad
  11. East Bengal

The ISL is ranked 13th by the Asian Football Confederation where the quality of the game has seen +4 points from 2023 to 2024. This has brought a positive impact on the players of ISL and also the lovers of football.

Moving on to the topic of ISL's impact on football betting. Well as discussed is it absolutely a jackpot to the bettors. They have a chance to bet on hundreds of betting events with fair odds and enjoy the profits. Football betting in general has got several leagues that come up across the globe.

The betting sites make sure that these are covered along with Indian Super League to satisfy the punter's needs. The ISL football betting also results in betting sites introducing several promotional offers that are additional treats to the players. Of all the events available the most popular events are as follows,

  • The first/second/third goals – Betting on which team would score these respective goals first.
  • The time of next goal – Betting based on time slots provided as to when the goal would occur.
  • The time of next booking – A betting market where you would bet on by when the next booking (red card / yellow card would occur)
  • The fast-moving markets – Prediction of what would happen in the next few moments like penalties, goals, free-kicks, etc.

Top 5 football betting sites in India

All the betting sites in India allocate a special section to football betting. However considering the aspects like several betting events, best odds, great live streaming, updates, and tips, and the best football betting bonus offers, we have come up with the top five football betting sites in India.


The modern betting experience is at the heart of Parimatch India. Everything about the bookmaker appeals to Indian gamblers, notably the ISL betting events, from the beautiful web design to the fastest withdrawals. The parimatch apk app is a popular betting platform since it is the most compatible app for Android and iOS users.

Sports and casino betting are treated equally, with minor to large events from around the world covered. The bookmaker's major distinguishing characteristic is its football betting bonus offers, which attract players' attention. Every player will be able to locate at least one offer for an event that they desire.


When one thinks of football betting or ISL betting, then the bookie that pops up in their mind is Betway sports. Such is the brand positioning of the bookie along with its unmatched football betting events and odds.

Betway apk app is also considered one of the best betting apps in India with an amazing user interface. Along with ISL, the major events of football betting like FIFA, NFL, EPL, etc are covered with live updates and tips.


10cric India is one of India's most popular football betting platforms after cricket. The odds, live updates, football betting tips, and promos it gives for every big sporting event set it apart from the other Indian bookies. Both Android and iOS users can download the 10cric apk app and enjoy uninterrupted sports betting at their fingertips.

The ISL is a significant football betting event that has exclusive betting deals with the bookmaker. There are dozens of deals for this event in both casinos and sportsbooks, making it a true treasure for gamblers. Per bettor should enjoy the 60,000 betting events in 60 distinct markets and thousands of events every day.


The 22bet online bookie had been entertaining the bettors of India since 2017 with the amazing sports betting market. Among the 30+ markets, it has football betting is one of the priority sections of the bookie. The odds are randomly generated giving a fair chance to the bettors to win.

The live updates and tips help the bettors to enjoy value betting which increases the bettor’s desire to play more. FIF, NSL, ISL, EPL, etc all the tournaments and leagues are covered by the bookmaker making it the most happening football betting site in India.


The betwinner football betting is the major revenue generator from Indians to the company. The bookie makes sure that the bettors are well-informed before they make their predictions. This makes it a beginner-friendly platform as well as one of the most reliable betting sites in India for football.

When you look into the bonus offers of the bookmaker, you can find multiple betting bonuses for football. Along with this, there are several other European games that the bettors can find to enjoy unlimited bettings.

The transactions are highly secured with the well-developed protective protocol. The deposits and withdrawals can be done quickly. Do visit the site to know more about the football betting events.

Conclusion – Future of football betting sites

We can see from this article that the scope of football betting is expanding every day. It is one of the major revenue generators for the betting sites in India and also across the globe. It is considered one of the richest sports in the world. This is not just restricted to the game, the players, or the economies of football as a whole but also the football betting sites and the bettors.

The Indian Super League has altered people's perceptions of the game. It has the chance of becoming a global tournament just like IPL betting giving recognition to the clubs involved and also the country India. It hasn't even been a decade since the event began, and with each season, it grows in popularity while also providing opportunities for indigenous football players to keep their sport alive.

All these contribute to the statement that football betting is a global event and doesn’t succumb to the changes in the betting environment in the future. This applies to football betting in India as well.