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How to unlock my betway account?

How to unlock my Betway account

Ever got stuck using your Betway account? Want to know why? and how you can unlock it? Then you are at the right place. Our team of experts has gone through several customer inquiries regarding the same and has come up with this article to make it easy for you.

We understand the time and anticipation you invest in betting so we ensure that you have an easy gaming experience. Here we'll discuss all the major reasons for your betway account getting locked and look at solutions for each issue.

How to unlock my Betway account in India?

Before we discuss how you can unlock your betway account, it is important to understand the various reasons that can get your online betting bookmakers to account locked in the first place. Here are the reasons that can cause your betway account to get locked:

You are in a different country and want to use betway sports

  • You can only use your account in your home country, and the betway app will lock it if you try to access it from abroad.
  • If that is the case, you can get in touch with customer service and get your account unlocked once you are back home.

You put a limit on your account

  • Betway login allows its users to limit access to their accounts by using ‘responsible gambling' tools.
  • This means you cannot access your account until the time limit is over, but customer care may be able to help you in some cases.

You have a duplicate betway account

  • You can only have one account at betway India. If you do try to make two and betway discovers it, both (or all) of your accounts will cease to be active.
  • Get in touch with customer care to unlock any one of these accounts.

You have forgotten your username/password

  • Go to the website or the mobile app and click on ‘Forgot Password.
  • You will receive a link to reset the password on your email address.

Too many wrong entries while trying to log in

  • Similar to the above reason, the bookie will lock your account for security purposes if you make too many incorrect attempts to log in.
  • You can contact customer service, and they can rest your login attempts.

Your account verification is not complete

  • This is something every betway account needs to go through. Without this, the bookmaker has no option but to lock your account.
  • Most verifications are done online, but some may need physical mail-in proof as well.

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Now that you understand what could have led to your account getting locked, let's discuss how you can unlock your account. Unlocking your betway account is pretty straightforward.

The sportsbook makes it very easy to get your account back as it is in their interest to do so. You need to get in touch with their customer service and explain to them why you believe your account has been locked.

Considerations before contacting customer support

The important thing here is that you must not be in violation of any of the betway terms and conditions. Otherwise, the customer service won't be able to help you. This means they will help you with cases like forgotten username/password, incorrect login information, or incomplete account verification.

They will assist you in such cases and will help you unlock your account after validating your identity. However, in cases such as you trying to create a duplicate account or trying to access your user account from a different country, they won't help you, as these cases violate their structure.

Need more than one betting account?

In case you are looking at having another online betting account, we recommend having an account at one of our recommended bookmakers. We at BetIndia always ensure that we only recommend the best and most trustworthy betting platforms to our users.

Our experts vet the best betting platforms available in India and then rank them based on different factors. You can find an overview of the best betting websites vetted by our experts here.

This will help you have more than one account for your online betting requirements and will also help you keep your betway account active as you won't be violating their Terms by having more than one account.


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