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What is Indian Jackpot?

Parimatch is a popular betting site from Ukraine, which has an international gambling license from the Curacao eGaming Authority. The website also accepts players from India and has emerged to be one of the most popular betting sites n the country. What is Indian Jackpot?

There are many sports available for betting on the site, as well as innovative games like TOTO jackpots. The TOTO jackpot on Parimatch is known as the Indian Jackpot. Let’s understand the basic terms and conditions of the game.

What is Indian Jackpot?

Indian jackpot is basically a type of TOTO jackpot, wherein players pool in money for specific bets, and the winnings are paid out from that pool itself.

The TOTO bets are called Indian Jackpot on Parimatch. The site regularly runs such jackpots related to various sports, including football, ice hockey, and Esports. At the time of writing this article, the site is running a football jackpot consisting of 15 events.

How to play Indian Jackpot

What is Indian Jackpot? The Indian Jackpot is available to all players who have a Parimatch gaming account. Players need to choose winners for the list of bets available on the coupon. There may be anywhere between 10-17 different events depending on the sport.

In the case of football, the player may choose the home team to win, or the away team to win. There is also the option for predicting a `draw´. In order to be eligible for the draw, the player must make selections for all the events shown on the coupon. Any incomplete coupons will not be considered towards the jackpot.

Once all the bets are settled, prizes are given out from the collected pool of money. Winnings are paid out according to the number of events whose outcome a player guesses correctly.

In case a player guesses all the outcomes correctly, they receive a jackpot amount, plus 10% of the total prize pool. A pool of 10% is reserved for all the players who predict all but one event correctly. Similarly, a pool of 30% may be reserved for players who get 4 or 5 events wrong.

The exact percentage of pools reserved for each jackpot is mentioned in the terms and conditions. The pool percentage may vary according to a different sport, and also on the number of events on offer for each jackpot.

The prizes also depend on the amount staked for the bets. The larger the bet amount, the larger are the pay-outs. In short, the pay-outs depend on the initial stakes, the number of events predicted correctly, the size of the prize pool, as well as the number of players who got the bets right.

If any amount is unclaimed, or not drawn by the players, is added to the jackpot amount for the next events, and keeps rolling on until it gets claimed. Sometimes this creates huge pools of jackpots, and lucky winners can win enormous sums of money.

If you are not well versed with the sport on offer, or cannot make up your mind regarding the predictions, Parimatch gives you two options to automatically pick the choices. One is known as `Expert Pick´ and the other is known as the `Lucky Pick´. Clicking on any of these two buttons automatically makes the selections on your behalf, and you just need to set the stakes for the bets.

While Parimatch does offer a list of alternate events to predict if any of the main events get canceled, it is imperative that the total number of events required for the jackpot takes place. Even if one event is canceled, then the game is considered to be void.


What is Indian Jackpot? Indian Jackpot on Parimatch is a great way to have some fun and put your knowledge about sports to good use, and make a good amount of money in the process.


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